Thank you so much for doing the photography at my wedding. You were wonderful at working with me on what pictures I wanted taken and let me make the calls at MY wedding, which of course is what any bride would want. I could not be more pleased with how the pictures came out. I loved all of the editing you did... that really made my wedding colors stand out. I also really appreciate your attention to detail. There were things going on at my wedding that I would not have been able to see without your pictures. They are absolutely beautiful and I could never ask for anything more. You are a wonderful photograher and would reccommend you to everyone for their photgraphy needs. Again, I could not be more pleased! Thanks again!

Kristine Johnson

I am so thankful for you and the great work you did at our wedding! Our pictures are breathtaking. You worked so hard to fit me in and make it all work out for us, we are so obliged! You are a wonderful photographer and I am happy to have had the privilege of being part of your growing success! The time and dedication, that you put into my wedding book, is amazing! Thank you so much for spending our lovely day with us! You are such a inspiration to me!

Deeply, Trish & James Kaufman
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