Your session will be personalized just for you and can be photographed in my indoor studio, outdoors in one of the many locations I photograph OR in a location of your choice. Each session will last approximatly 45 minutes. Approximately 10 to 14 days after your session, you will have a "view and order" appointment where we will view the images together and you will order your portratis at that time. Anyone who is involved in the decision making is asked to join us! Session fees include photographers time with you and the behind the scenes work, talent and an enjoyable experience! Session Fee is due at the time of booking. No exceptions can be made.

In Studio and outdoor sessions are $125
Up to 6 people - $10 additional for each subject after 6.

Sessions where I need to transport lighting equipment are $200
Up to 6 people - $10 additional for each subject after 6.



All print pricing is ala cart so you are not limited to certain poses or packages. This allows YOU to have more control over the images YOU love!

4x6 - $20.00
5x7 - $20.00
8x10 - $40.00
8 wallets (same pose) $28.00

WALL PORTRAITS: - All wall portraits include complete retouching and mounting for preservation
8x10 $40
10x10 $90
11x14 $90
12x12 $100
10x20 $130
16x20 $160
20x20 $175
20x24 $200
20x30 $230
24x30 $260
24x36 $280
30x40 $320


Framed prints, gallery wraps and canvas are also available, please ask for details!

$50 per box of 25 cards, envelopes included

Keychains, License Plates, Calendars, Coasters and may other fun gifts are available. Please ask for details!